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The Family

Passion for hospitality is the norm

Casa Fabbrini Piccola Londra is the third adventure of a family, mine, that has always had hospitality running in its veins, and not because we do it for a living.

The main reason is: pure pleasure. Casa Fabbrini existed long before being a brand, when our holidays became those of many people who joined us for entire seasons.

My sister and I grew up in this way, amongst my father’s exquisite dinners and my mother’s incredibly engaging personality. From them, we learned the beauty of the good life and the effort behind it, because someone has to actually create that beauty.

For this reason, we gave life to Casa Fabbrini Val D’Orcia in Tuscany, and a couple of years later to Casa Fabbrini Campo Marzio, here in Rome, in the historic center.

Then, I discovered this Art Nouveau villa in Piccola Londra, an area I have always been attached to. As an interior designer, the respect towards the building has inspired every single choice I made. Now this villa is my home, but it is also a new Casa Fabbrini.

Now its doors are open to all the friends I already have, and all the guests I hope will become my friends in the future.

Simone Fabbrini