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The Mansion

British style guest mansion

with an Italian twist

The guest mansion Casa Fabbrini Piccola Londra is an English-style villa in Rome’s historic center, located in the elegant Flaminio district, just a few steps from MAXXI Museum, Auditorium Parco della Musica and very close to Piazza del Popolo.

The mansion, decorated with a lush inner garden, dates back to the early XX century, when this small private road, called Piccola Londra (Little London), was designed by the Anglo-Italian mayor Ernesto Nathan.

The fact that it is located in Rome and not in England is just one of the peculiarities of this fanciful building, that lends itself to few rules and many exceptions.

This is a living building, that twists and turns upwards via many steps and spiral staircases, winding its way up like a climbing plant in search of light, which is to be found in the greenhouse and in the winter garden housed on the top floor.

British refinement

in the heart of Rome

In the rooms, characterized by a variegated Art Nouveau style, the eccentricity of fabrics is interwoven with the rationality of certain geometrical forms recalling Escher’s works, all wrapped by the intense and unexpected colors of the walls.

All the rooms are on the first floor, from where you take the lift and easily reach the common areas of Casa Fabbrini, located on the ground floor and designed to make you enjoy every moment of your stay.